Form 100: Daily Position Record

 Form 100: Daily Position Record
The Daily Position Record meets Nebraska Public Service Commission Requirements. Front and Back. 32 entries per page. Set of 100 bound pages.

Item Number: F100
Shipping Weight: 3lbs. 5oz.
Price: $50.00
Information on the Form:
Month and Year
Quantities - bushel or CWT
Grain or Edible Beans Kind and Class
CCC Warehouse Code Number
Warehouse License Number
Summary Stock Record
Loaded Out
Total Stock in House
Open Terminal (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Storage Liability and Position Record
For Your Own Use (Issued/Decreased/Total)
Negotiable Warehouse Receipt (Increase/Cancelled/Total)
Open Grain (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Grain Bank (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Warehouse Owned
Price Later Contracts Not Paid (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Received and Contracted Not Paid (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Cash Grain Paid (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Total Warehouse Owned