Form 100: Daily Position Record

 Form 100: Daily Position Record
The Daily Position Record meets Nebraska Public Service Commission Requirements. Front and Back. 32 entries per page. Set of 100 bound pages. Please email to purchase.

Item Number: F100
Shipping Weight: 3lbs. 5oz.
Price: $50.00
Information on the Form:
Month and Year
Quantities - bushel or CWT
Grain or Edible Beans Kind and Class
CCC Warehouse Code Number
Warehouse License Number
Summary Stock Record
Loaded Out
Total Stock in House
Open Terminal (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Storage Liability and Position Record
For Your Own Use (Issued/Decreased/Total)
Negotiable Warehouse Receipt (Increase/Cancelled/Total)
Open Grain (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Grain Bank (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Warehouse Owned
Price Later Contracts Not Paid (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Received and Contracted Not Paid (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Cash Grain Paid (Increase/Decrease/Total)
Total Warehouse Owned