Form 111: Grain Shipping & Receiving Ledger

 Form 111: Grain Shipping & Receiving Ledger
Grain Shipping & Receiving Ledger for Rail And/Or Truck. Please email to purchase.

Item Number: F111
Shipping Weight: 2lbs. 0oz.
Price: $30.00
The grain shipping and receiving ledger for rail and/or truck meets Nebraska Public Service Commission requirements.

Contract/Ticket Number & Price;
Date Shipped;
Date Arrival;
Buyer or Seller;
Destination/Origin Location;
Car Type/Number & Route;
Truck Name/License Number;
Shipping Rate;
Origin Bushels/Wt.;
Balance to Ship;
Destination Weight;
Kind of Grain;
Test Weight;
Moisture %;
FM Premiums/Dock Discounts;
Over & Short;
Net Price;
Freight Amount;
Net Proceeds;
Amount of Draft/Check;
Date Draft/Check;
Other information;