Grain Warehouse Division

State law requires that any person, partnership, corporation, limited liability company or association in the state who receives grain for storage, shipment, or both, must obtain a license for that purpose, except warehouses licensed under the U.S. Warehouse Act. A corporate surety bond, irrevocable letter of credit, certificate of deposit or US Government Securities, in an amount based on the capacity of the licensed facility(  ies  ), must be filed with the Commission, along with proof of adequate insurance coverage against loss of grain in storage. The minimum security filing is $25,000 and the maximum $500,000. All licensed warehouses are inspected at least once every twelve months to assure compliance with the law and Commission regulations. Each applicant must submit to a criminal background check by providing fingerprint cards to the Nebraska State Patrol.

Grain Warehouse Statistics 
Schedule A & E Rate Schedule 
Grain Warehouse Forms 
  • Application for Public Grain Warehouse License
  • Warehouse Bond - SAMPLE - Will be issues by NPSC Grain Dept.
  • Irrevocable Letter of Credit - SAMPLE - Will be issued by NPSC Grain Dept.
  • Stock Insurance
  • Warehouse Receipt - Negotiable
  • Warehouse Receipt - Non-Negotiable
  • Lost Receipt
  • Termination of Storage Contract
  • Receipted Grain Transfer Application
  • Rates For Storage and Handling
  • Change of Storage Capacity Application
  • Temporary Storage Application