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Help Nebraska Grain and Feed Association's Political Action Committee (PAC) gear up for the next election. The PAC's mission is simple: to elect agricultural and business-minded representatives who understanding how important agribusiness is to Nebraska's economy and people.  

Your contribution educates and supports candidates committed to helping agribusiness stay competitive.

The NEGFA PAC is the tool the industry needs to keep your interests represented and not lost in the noise of partisan politics and anti-business and anti-agriculture forces.
Contribute today and make this vision a reality!

The industry is best served when we have a place at the table and use the collaborative voice of the association to promote common-sense, sustainable policies and regulations.

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Any and all contributions are welcome.
  • Contributions to the Nebraska Grain and Feed Association (NEGFA) PAC are NOT deductible as charitable contributions for income tax purposes.
  • Corporate contributions to the NEGFA PAC are permitted under state law. 

Make Checks Payable to : NEGFA-PAC

Cultivate Nebraska's Agribusiness Economy.