Emergency Preplanning & Firefighting Manual

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Emergency Planning Manual.jpg

Emergency Preplanning & Firefighting Manual


Developed by the National Grain and Feed Association as a result of a research program investigating the causes and ways of preventing fires and explosions in grain handling facilities.  The publication contains information for grain elevator operators and firefighters on emergency pre-planning and firefighting procedures. The manual is intended to be used as a guide to develop procedures unique to each facility as such efforts should be done by both the elevator management and the fire officials of the district in which the facility is located.

Fourth Edition 1998

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  1. Grain Facilities - Layout, Operation, and Potential Fire Hazards
  2. Firefighting Equipment and Protection Systems
  3. Emergency Preplanning for Elevator Managers
  4. Preplanning for Fire Departments
  5. Controlling Fires in Grain Facilities
  6. Controlling the Fire Scene and Salvage Operations
  7. Fire Prevention Programs
  8. Suggested Readings