Association membership is by company. If you work for the company, these are some of the benefits and services that you can utilize:

Government Representation
NEGFA will keep you posted on state and federal legislative and governmental agency matters. In return, we ask that you help the industry by using this information to stay aware of the issues and contact your elected and appointed officials. Your legislators are in often representing you. They might not have a connection to agriculture or an understanding of what we do. They need your information and expertise to make decisions. They want to hear about what your day job is and how it applies to the policy or law they are looking at. You make an impact!

State and national government issues represent some of the most important challenges facing Nebraska’s grain and feed industry. The Association provides a strong, unified voice for our industry in Nebraska and with Nebraska representatives, government entities, and other Nebraska ag groups.
NEGFA provides members up-to-date information about legislative issues, candidates, voting information, and action steps. The Association works closely with our national partners the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) and American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) so that Nebraska’s needs are heard at the federal level and so that our members are aware of changes from federal rules and regulations.
Educational and Professional Development Programs
The Association hosts and coordinates educational and informational programs for you, your business, and your employees’ benefit. To find a list of planned programs visit our website, or follow us on Facebook to stay informed of upcoming events.
Informational Services
NeGFA provides timely and pertinent information regarding industry trends, events, and issues affecting the industry through our:
  • Action Alerts
  • Annual Industry Directory
  • E-Newsletters
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
    (To follow search for Nebraska Grain and Feed Association)
  • Special Mailings
  • Website
Annual Meeting
Every summer, the Association hosts some outstanding speakers and an afternoon golf tournament. This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your colleagues to learn and share information. It’s an opportune time to visit with old friends and create new friends.
NeGFA Forms & Publications
On our website store, available for download or purchase are forms, contracts and other information pertinent to your business. Members receive a 50% discount!
The association sends out several electronic newsletters to its members.
  • The Grist is our industry newsletter which is sent out bi-weekly to members of the association. This newsletter features important news from our national partners the National Grain and Feed Association and the American Feed Industry Association. It also highlights changes in rules and regulations on the state or federal level and lists upcoming educational and professional development events pertinent to the industry.
  • The Legislative Letter is sent out weekly to those who are interested in legislative matters impacting our industry on the state level.
  • NEGFA Program Updates are sent to everyone involved in Nebraska’s grain and feed industry. This electronic newsletter promotes upcoming events sponsored or hosted by the Association.
The Grain and Feed Political Action Campaign (GAF-PAC)
Voluntary contributions can be used to assist state-office and legislative candidates or current officeholders. Your donation helps support candidates and educate those who could hold or are holding offices on matters of importance to the grain and feed industry in Nebraska.

Salary Survey
Is your salary competitive with the industry? Are your employees being offered competitive wages? How do your benefits compare with your colleagues?
The Nebraska Grain and Feed Association Salary Survey provides insight into making sure that the salaries, you as managers, are offering are competitive for your employees. It might help your board of directors determine salaries too. This survey is completed every three years and is made possible by participation from members like you.

Change is inevitable. Please consider letting the Association know of any changes in management or staff and of any successes that we could share with your colleagues. The Association is here to help. Please let your association staff or your board of directors know how the association can best support your business.

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