Nebraska On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program

The Nebraska On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Program assists employers in providing their employees with a safe and healthy workplace by identifying safety and health hazards in general industry and construction before someone is injured.  The voluntary program is available to any business that has less than 250 employees on-site and 500 nationwide. Services are at no cost to the business requesting consultation services and are confidential from the public and OSHA.

During the visit, consultants typically review the employer’s safety and health programs to ensure compliance with OSHA requirements and perform a walkthrough of the facility or job site to identify hazards for correction.  The employer always maintains the right to terminate the visit at any time.  All serious hazards and imminent dangers identified up to the time of termination must still be corrected. 

When the visit concludes, the consultant will discuss each identified hazard with the employer prior to departure.  During this closing conference, a timetable for correction will be agreed upon between the employer and the consultant and the consultant will discuss possible methods of correction.  The employer will be asked to confirm that corrective action has been taken for each of the identified hazards on or before the agreed upon abatement date.

The service provided to employers can include:

Safety Program Templates for Employers

  • Walk-through Safety and Health Survey
  • Safety and Health Program Assessment
  • Employer-Employee Training
  • Ventilation System Evaluation
  • Electrical Systems and Equipment Evaluation
  • Review of Machine Guarding
  • Noise Measurements
  • Air Sampling and Analysis
  • Assistance with Personal Protective Equipment
  • Comprehensive Written Reports
  • Technical Assistance
  • Exemption from Routine OSHA Inspections????


Safety Program Templates for Employers

Bloodborne Pathogens Program
Confined Space Program
Hazard Communication Program
Lockout - Tagout Program
Personal Protective Equipment Plan
Respiratory Protection Program
Safety and Health Management Programs For Small Businesses

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