NE Public Service Commission

One of the duties of the Commission is to regulate grain warehouses and dealers. The Commission is a constitutionally created executive body established under Article IV, Section 20 of the Nebraska Constitution. The Commission is comprised of five elected Commissioners serving six-year terms. The Commission was initially created by the Legislature in 1885 to regulate railroads. 

Grain Staff

John Fecht  Director
Mike Bartels Assistant Director/IT Support
Terri Fritz   Administrative Assistant/Accountant
Wally Driewer Examiner
Scott Micek Examiner 
Gordon Mohr Moisture Meter Inspector
Robert Leigh  Moisture Meter Inspector


Grain Rules & Regulations

Chapter 75 Statutes - Grain Dealer
Chapter 88 Statutes- Grain Warehouse
Chapter 89 Statutes- Moisture Meter
2018 Filing Fees for Grain Warehouses & Grain Dealers
Nebraska Grain Warehouse and Grain Dealer Rules and Regulations (Includes Grain Warehouse and Grain Dealer Acts)

Grain Moisture Meter Division

Every device in Nebraska used to ascertain the moisture and test weight content of grain in connection with, or in any manner relating to, the storage, purchase or sale of grain, shall be tested and inspected annually by the Grain Warehouse Department. Tolerances are established in conjunction with the standard as set by the United States Department of Agriculture. Yearly inspections are conducted on these machines by skilled inspectors who also maintain the Standards Laboratory in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Moisture Meters Approved for Sale in Nebraska 

Mechanical Probes

Inspectors are responsible for approval and disapproval of all mechanical probes for the taking of a sample from a load of grain to determine foreign material content.
List of Approved Grain Probes