Member Benefits


  • Annual Grain & Feed Directory & Buyer's Guide
  • Legislative Updates Electronic Newsletter
  • The Grist Electronic Newsletter


  • Representation before state agencies and with state senators
  • Staff visiting with members to learn about your organization and business needs
  • Grain and Feed - Political Action Committee (GAF-PAC)


  • Partnering with agencies and organizations with like interests
  • Promoting the interest of its members in state and federal government

 Education & Networking

  • Educational workshops and seminars on topics such as operational, safety, risk management, etc.
  • Annual Summer Meeting & Golf Tournament

Delivery of Vital Services

  • Contract Forms
  • Grain Grading Mats
  • Safety Posters
  • U.S. Grain Standards Booklets

Trade Rules

Our national partner, National Grain and Feed Association, coordinates arbitration and writes the grain, feed, barge and barge freight trade rules reflecting historic industry practices. With clearly written rights and obligations of buyer and seller, the goal is to minimize the potential for disputes. The NGFA Trade Rules are referenced in many grain purchase contracts.