2018 Letter from the President

John Ely, Ely’s Grain in Guide Rock, NE
In most area, the 2017 harvest had a very dry fall that led to a fairly quick harvest. The dry fall allowed soybeans to be harvested in a timely manner and corn to dry down for harvest. With good harvest conditions, some areas had weather in the growing season that led to poor standability in the fall. Hail in the summer and high winds in the fall led to lots of corn on the ground which made grazing corn stalks a challenge for our farmers and ranchers.
Even with the problems that some areas had, overall the harvest was a good one. Our soybean yield was not much higher than 2016, but we planted more acres, so we had more bushels. We also planted less acres of corn in 2017 but our average yield was higher. With more bushels of corn and soybeans raised than the year before, and slightly lower exports it doesn’t allow for a raise in the markets.
Our Executive Vice President Kristi Block has now had a year under her belt and has the Nebraska Grain and Feed Association going in the right direction. If you have not been on the new website, I would recommend going on and checking things out. Kristi has put together a website that allows you to order materials and sign up for workshops. Kristi has also recently added Maggie Kramer as the new administrative assistant. If you haven’t met Kristi and Maggie yet, I would recommend that you give them a call or stop at the office and introduce yourself. Kristi and her staff are full of promising ideas and are willing to help keep the Association on the right path.
As many of you know, Nebraska Grain and Feed Association puts on various workshops throughout the year: grain grading, grain merchandising, FDA updates, OSHA updates and safety workshops. We all know how these challenges have changed our industry along with government regulation. The Association is a useful tool that we can all use to get better educated on these topics.
Lastly, I would like to add that we have a very dependable board of directors that is willing to work for your needs. With Kristi’s help, we are always striving to get better. That being said, we can only be as good as our members. We need your ideas and participation to make us all better. If you have any new topics or ideas for workshops, please get ahold of Kristi or a board member.
John Ely, President NeGFA