2019 Letter from the President

Nathan Brabec, Louis Dreyfus in Norfolk, NE
Generally, we had a great and successful crop year! Early October moisture pushed harvest later, but found a late season, dryer weather pattern, to finish the harvest pressure. International trade continues to find interruptions, more importantly with China. As an organization our goal has been to relay any governance or policy changes that affect these transactional trades, more importantly through recent tariff implementation. 

As in any year, 2018 went fast, adn we had to adapt to changes of our environment. As an Association we strive to relay information that lead to these changes. In the past year we had seen teh 199A possibly affect teh transactional structure of our businesses and work to keep members informed of these policy updates or effects. The Food Safety Modernization Act has become more of an active role in our industry with its continued improvements. The Association has helped with this by leading seminars adn passing on information to our members about the updates. 

In the past year we have held workshops on Rail Car Safety, Grain Grading, Commodity Trading, FSMA, and OSHA Inspections. If there are any other workshop topics, policy changes, or line items of business that you think would add value to your business, please reach out to our staff members. we have an energetic group led by Executive Vice President Kristi Block, Administrative Assistant Laura Dwyer, and the entire Board of Directors. We strive to be the forefront of ongoing relations through representation, promotional, and educational services in the State of Nebraska. 

The coming year will be sure to create new challenges. As an organization we are the active voice for the foundation of the grain and feed, pledging to work as an advocate for our industry. 

It is an honor to represent the Association in the past year! Teh board and I appreciate your support, dedication, and commitment to the organization. 

I hope this message finds you in good health. 


Nathan Brabec, President, Nebraska Grain and Feed Association