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YOU’VE ASKED. WE HAVE THE ANSWER. Affordable group health benefits represent one of the top challenges for NEGFA members. We have a solution that can help you!

NEGFA Lifestyle Health Plan Benefits for Your CompanyLifestyle Health Plans is a unique, group health benefits solution designed to help NEGFA members strategically manage your health premium costs while still providing your employees with great benefits.

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Lower Premium Costs While Improving Employee Health

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What is A Lifestyle Health Plan?

A Lifestyle Health Plan is an innovative, group health benefits program and has been offered throughout the country since 2006 in partnership with a host of A-rated reinsurance carrier partners.

A key focus for Lifestyle Health Plans is finding creative ways to manage healthcare costs. Traditional benefit designs and cost-management techniques have been relatively unsuccessful in assisting sponsoring employers with cost-containment. Lifestyle Health has integrated a number of cost-management programs and benefit coverage solutions into our plan designs.  Download Info About Integrated Benefits and Available Plan Designs
NEGFA Lifestyle Health Plan Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to these questions and more. Download NEGFA Lifestyle Health Plan FAQs.
  • Because this program is technically a ‘Self-Funded’ Program, does that mean our group has to have reserves set aside to cover the claims in case of a bad month (or year)?
  • What does level-funded mean?
  • During our plan year, what if our claims run better than expected? 
  • If we choose to leave the program at the end of the plan year, is there a termination cost associated with the plan?
  • Will our employees and HR administrators have to do more work on this type of program?
  • Will my employees still have access to their hospitals, doctors, and pharmacists?
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