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2018 Grain Engulfment TrainingSafety encompasses the daily tasks and routines at the grain elevator, animal feed manufacturing facility, in the office, on the farm, and during your commute. As the size of grain storage has increased, and the speed of grain processing and animal feed manufacturing equipment has gotten faster, it is important that we continue to increase our safety education and knowledge in the agriculture industry.

We don’t think about it, but our goal is to make it home from work or school each day returning to our loved ones.

Recognizing the importance of safety in our lives. The Nebraska Grain and Feed Association (NEGFA) is bringing grain engulfment safety education and training to Nebraska’s State FFA students in 2021.

We need your support to make this training an annual event! 

2019 Distribution of 2019 ag confined spaces accidents - Perdue

We feel that it is important to bring awareness and train young adults on agricultural confined space hazards and proper grain bin entry. This educational training will benefit any of the FFA students who participate or watch the live grain engulfment training. This training is an opportunity to learn safety practices and work on your communication and leadership in a simulated situation.

It doesn’t matter what occupation our young adults chose - a farm or livestock operation; employment at a grain elevator, feed mill, agricultural machinery operation; or become an industry regulator or a volunteer on a local Fire & Rescue team - safety education benefits everyone.

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We accept donations all year long. Donations to the NEGFA Education Foundation, a 501c3, are tax exempt. Checks can be made payable to the NEGFA Education Foundation or with this link.

At our Summer Golf Tournament, individuals can purchase mulligans to support the Foundation. You can use the link above or for more information contact
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