Ethanol 2019: Emerging Issues Forum

Kristi, and I, Nathan, attended the NE Ethanol Forum Mar. 7-8th.  The future of ethanol fights many underling attacks but there is positive optimism for growth.  E-15 sales are rising at the retailers, along with the public education of ethanol use.  

Future outlooks for exports remain positive.  Mexico, for example is not only increasing the use of ethanol, but increasing the education and public awareness of the benefits in using ethanol.  China, pending tariffs has great potential for increased exports to.  Was noted that in 2021 China possibly mandates E-10 and could reach up to 4.0+ billion gallons yearly in usage/demand.  

RVP, Reid Vapor Pressure, is under review, and may make the initiative for year-long E-15 a challenge.  The 2019 applications for the SRE’s (Small Refinery Exemptions) are equal to last year.  As long as the US administration follows through the RFS, Renewable Fuel Standard, ethanol demand will grow domestically. 
Nathan Brabec, President
Nebraska Grain and Feed Association