Nebraska's Federal Delegation

The United States Congress has an upper chamber called the Senate and a lower chamber called the House of Representatives (or “House” for short) which share the responsibilities of the legislative process to create federal statutory law.

The Senate

The 50 states elect 2 senators each for staggered 6-year terms. A senator represents between 1 and 37 million people, depending on their state’s population. The day-to-day activities of the Senate are controlled largely by the political party holding the most seats, called the “majority party."

Senator Deb Fischer, Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer

Senior Senator for Nebraska | Republican
Since Jan 3, 2013 (Next Election in YEAR)
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Washington DC Office Address

454 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington DC 20510

Senator Ben SasseSenator Ben Sasse

Junior Senator for Nebraska | Republican
Since Date (Next Election in YEAR)
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Washington DC Office Address

107 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510


The House of Representatives

The states are also divided into 435 congressional districts with a population of about 710,000 each. Each district elects a representative to the House of Representatives for a 2-year term. As in the Senate, the day-to-day activities of the House are controlled by the “majority party.“

Congressman Jeff Fortenberry

District 1 | Republican
Served Since Date. Next Election Date
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Congressman Don Bacon

District 2 | Republican
Serving Since January 3, 2017. Next Election DATE. 
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Congressman Adrian Smith

District 3 | Republican
Served Since Jan 4, 2007. Next Election 
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