Supporting Ag on Social Media

COVID19 is NOT keeping the agriculture industry from doing what we do every day. We continue to show up and make sure there is food and feed produced for our pets, livestock, and people. Situations like this don't get better when people are hangry. We all need nutritious sustenance to keep on, keeping on.

Thank You for the Work You Do!

Share the powerful story of what you, your colleagues, and your company are doing to ensure a stable food and feed supply. Tag Nebraska Grain and Feed Association if you'd like. 

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Hashtags to use:

  • #Essential - The International Dairy Foods Association recently launched a digital campaign, #Essential, to salute the men and women working around-the-clock to provide Americans and the world with fresh, safe, nutritious food throughout the COVID-19 crisis.
  • #StillFarming - The American Farm Bureau Federation is using # to demonstrate that farmers and ranchers across the country are working diligently to provide a healthy and affordable food supply.
  • #FoodHeroes – Used by Croplife International to spread the word that without farmers, there would not be any food.
  • #FeedingUS - The Food & Beverage Issue Alliance, which represents food and beverage companies, is using #FeedingUS to celebrate those working tirelessly and safely, today and always, to feed us and the U.S.
  • #InThisTogether - The American Bakers Association is partnering with Feeding America, a nonprofit organization that supports hunger relief, to provide foods and services to show we are all #InThisTogether.
  • #DairyNeverStops - The National Milk Producers Federation began a social media campaign geared toward dairy farmers and their allies, #DairyNeverStops, and is encouraging others to use the hashtag to share stories, engage in discussions and create a greater awareness of the dairy industry’s circumstances for policymakers in Washington and across the United States.
If you come across any additional hashtag campaigns being used by the agriculture industry or your company is launching any, please let us know.