State Partners

Our staff and board members proudly work to develop many beneficial relationships. We work closely with the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA), the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA), the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, the Nebraska Public Service Commission, the USDA Grain Inspection Services and Packards Administration, Federal Grain Inspection Services along with our state grain inspectors, OSHA Region, the National Safety Council of Nebraska,  and other Government Agencies. Our staff also works closely with other state and regional grain and feed associations across the United States.

Common Sense Nebraska
Since August of 2014, the Association has been a part of the Common Sense Nebraska Coalition. â€‹Common Sense Nebraska is a diverse, Nebraska-based coalition consisting of organizations and entities that have united in response to the EPA’s “Waters of the U.S.” Rule; a regulatory proposal that would harm both rural and urban Nebraskans through expansion of the EPA’s powers and authorities under the federal Clean Water Act. The coalition’s purpose is to build awareness and understanding of the EPA proposal and the impacts it would have on Nebraskans.