NE Dept. of Environment& Energy - Air News Update - June 2019

The Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy releases a new Air Operating Permit Renewal Form. They have developed nine new potential emission calculation spreadsheets to further the air quality permit process. 
SAVE TIME with the NEW Air Operating Permit Renewal Form!
As part of the Air Quality Division's important and active process improvement efforts in the past year or two, even more significant time savings have been established with the NEW Air Quality Operating Permit renewal forms.  We greatly appreciate the assistance of industry reps that participated in this effort and who, by their own estimations, reduced time spent on their renewal applications by up to 85 percent!  The Department is also seeing similar time savings in the processing of these simpler operating permit renewals.  Unfortunately, the time savings won't extend to those facilities with significant modifications since their last operating permit was issued, as they will need to use the standard application process.  Even so, they should see a faster turnaround with their renewal applications since the Department will now spend less time on the other simpler renewal applications.  You can download the renewal forms from the NDEQ website (  Either use “operating permit renewal” in the main webpage's search box, or you can link directly to the renewal form (Form 8.0) page using this URL:

NEW Potential Emission Calculation Spreadsheets!
The Department has developed 9 new potential emission calculation spreadsheets for use by air quality permit applicants to further the Department's process improvement efforts.  Included are an expansive spreadsheet for ethanol plant use, as well as potential emission calculation spreadsheets for Haul Roads, Tanks, Internal Combustion Engine Driven Generators, and others. To download any of these potential emission calculation spreadsheets from the NDEQ website ( either use “potential emission calculation spreadsheet” in the main webpage's search box, or you can link directly to the spreadsheets page using this URL:  

Air Quality Standard & General Permit Conditions – 2019 UPDATE
The Department began an improvement project in 2017 to unify and streamline the standard and general permit conditions that typically do not vary from permit to permit and that apply to a wide variety of sources of air pollutants.  This project has led to substantial time savings in development and review of draft permits.  We appreciate everyone's participation in this year's periodic review and update.  You can download the current Air Quality Standard and General Conditions from the NDEQ website (  Either use “standard conditions” in the main webpage's search box (upper right corner), or you can link directly to the standard conditions page using this URL:

Problems, Comments, Questions:
Air Permitting Hotline:  877-834-0474
Air Division General Phone Number:  402-471-2189
Air Division General Email:


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