NEGFA Internship Reflection - Jordan Bothern

Jordan Bothern, Operations Intern, with Nebraska Grain and Feed Association reflects on her internship experience. 
How does this internship relate to your long-term educational or career goals?
  • My internship related to my long-term career goals because it is a different side of the same ‘coin' that I will be working at for my full-time job. In my full-time job, I will be working for the grain business as a manager but in my internship, I was on the legislative/ industry planning side of things.
  • My internship helped me to see more to the professional side of the industry as Jordan Bothernwell and how many other networking opportunities there are outside of your workplace in the grain and feed industries.
  • I was excited to plan a leadership development program for young professionals and hope to see it flourish. The importance of the leadership development program is to help with the transition of generations that we will see in the next 10 years in the grain and feed sector.
What about your internship is the most surprising to you and what lesson(s) can you draw from this?
  • To be honest, how much work goes into planning events and not knowing what the interest level will be like when you publish the event. It was sad to see how many events we worked really hard on but never came to fruition as there was not enough interest from the industry. From this, I can better understand why events get canceled sometimes.
  • Also, I was surprised at how much I could get done when I worked remotely, at first I thought I only needed to be in the office to work, but I soon realized I am arguably more productive in a shorter amount of time when I worked remotely. I also felt that I really enjoyed the change in scenery.
What knowledge and skills did you gain?  How do you plan on applying them in the future?
  • I gained a lot more of CANVA (online design program) skills that I didn't have necessarily coming into my internship.
  • I learned a lot about planning events and all of the little pieces of the puzzle that go into that!
  • I became more familiar with Nebraska's geography while working on a directory project. I  am now more familiar with companies in Nebraska.
  • I learned how to use Mail Chimp (email platform) and other marketing platforms.
  • I plan to use all of these skills in some capacity in my full-time job.
Jordan is a 2019 graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She majored in Mechanized Systems Management with an emphasis in Processing Operations. Jordan has plans to work with Cargill after graduation.


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