SF/SF or FAMI-QS Certified? Note New Requirement on Products From Bioprocess

Update on AFIA's Safe Feed/Safe Food Program. 
(Source: April 2, 2020, Safe Feed/Safe Food Newsletter)
To achieve further transparency throughout the value supply chain, it is now required to list the number of the strain and the microorganism used for products coming from bioprocess. Bioprocess uses complete living cells or their components (e.g., bacteria, enzymes, chloroplasts) to obtain desired products. The additional details in the listing will help to clarify the regulatory status of the ingredient and the eligible markets and minimize feed fraud issues.
The listings should follow this format: ingredient, microorganism/strain and deposition number. The strain-specific number of the microorganism should be from an international or official national depository cell bank. In addition, the originating depository evidence or the license of the strain has to be checked by the auditor to prove the legitimacy of its use. Please note that this is not a “regulatory check,” but a confirmation from the organization that it uses the stated microorganism/strain. In most cases, the declaration is checked with the certificate obtained by the depository cell bank. The strain number requirement should be restricted to live microorganisms.
In the event there are multiple microorganisms listed on the label, FAMI-QS advises that the auditor should clarify which one is used and separate lines for different products.
Companies that refuse to provide the above information are not eligible for FAMI-QS certification and their certificates will be withdrawn. The new approval letters will include the microorganism/strain and deposition number specific to the ingredient.
In February, FAMI-QS launched a public consultation for its revised FAMI-QS Process Document on Bioprocess. This comes after the Vitamin B2 produced by Bacillus subtilis KCCM-1044 and Vitamin B2 were denied authorization due to the presence of viable cells and rDNA. In the meantime the current version applies. Please note that this is not link to a specific regional regulatory requirement but it is a general bioprocess issue.
FAMI-QS has also issued the following certification instructions related to the Vitamin B2 issue:

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