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Top Takeaways from Unemployment Deep Dive 2.0

Nebraska Chamber Vice President & General Counsel Ron Sedlacek hosts a second Deep Dive on COVID-19 unemployment programs. With federal relief programs in full swing, Nebraska Labor Commissioner John Albin and Nebraska Department of Labor General Counsel Katie Thurber give an overview of where the Nebraska system stands and how the process has been made simpler for COVID-19 filings. The program is being provided publicly for the benefit of all Nebraska businesses.

EPA - Listing Formaldehyde as a "High Priority" Chemical

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September 2019: the EPA listed formaldehyde as a "high" priority" chemical for review under the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) and launched a formal risk evaluation in December 2019. Formaldehyde is used at low levels in some poultry and swine feeds for salmonella control. 

Comments on Ingredient Guidance Document

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The draft guidance is a helpful tool for the industry in understanding how to use the pre-submission consultation process and prepare ingredient submissions or food use authorizations for the most efficient review. 

In Iowa: SeedFieldCheck Helps Applicators Keep Field Workers Safe

With the addition of seed field workers to the FieldWatch system, the state of Iowa has a “one-stop-shop” for applicators to find information about sensitive crops, apiaries, and seed field workers. 

NGFA Addresses Food Industry COVID19 Concerns

The National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) addressed these concerns for the food industry during a webinar April 2 sponsored by the association and Grain Journal magazine.

Why is Angle of Repose important to Grain Quality & Grain Safety?

The angle of repose is the maximum angle at which an object can rest on an inclined plane without sliding down.Grain that forms an angle steeper than its angle of repose may indicate a potential problem with grain condition imposes entrapment and engulfment hazards workers should evaluate the grain’s angle of repose prior to entering grain storage structures and when working with grain storage piles, pods, in bunkers. 

Hazardous Chemical Labels

OSHA adopted the Globally Harmonized System (GHS). This system addresses the classification of chemicals by types of hazards and harmonizes hazard communication elements such as chemical labels.

SF/SF or FAMI-QS Certified? Note New Requirement on Products From Bioprocess

Update on AFIA's Safe Feed/Safe Food Program. 
(Source: April 2, 2020, Safe Feed/Safe Food Newsletter)

NEGFA Members Partner with Nebraska Innovation Campus For Sanitizer Production

Ethanol donated by Green Plains Inc., and KAAPA Ethanol and required chemicals and packaging materials are being delivered to Nebraska Innovation Campus where pilot plant employees and student workers combine the ingredients and bottle it for hand sanitizer distribution.

The Andersons Announces New Online, Mobile-Friendly Customer Portal

The Andersons’ launch of the customer portal was moved ahead of schedule to best serve customers during the spring season as well as through these unprecedented times
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