NEGFA Accomplisments

Since 1896, the Nebraska Grain and Feed Dealers Association (NEGFDA) / Nebraska Grain and Feed Association (NEGFA) have been instrumental in the following policy and regulator issues impacting Nebraska's grain and feed industry. 

  • 2001 - Ag Suppliers Lease passes 97th Legislature, 2nd Session - LB435
  • 2003 - Revised Rail Rules and Regulations passes 98th Legislature, 2nd Session - LB259
  • 2019 - Nebraska Flooding - Flood Damaged Grain Information & Awareness
  • 2020 - COVID19 Impacting the grain and feed industry: Keeping mandatory inspections continuing; expanding trucking abilities; and access to sanitation supplies and personal protective equipment for our Essential Workers.
Many accomplishments couldn't have been done without dedicated board directors, Association members, and collaborations with other organizations. The Association works cooperatively with others who have shared interests on issues important to Nebraska's grain and feed industry.